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Tweens to Teenage

I am the mother of a tween. I only heard the word tween quite recently; my daughters friend informed me that a tween was the time in between childhood and becoming a teenager. Then quite coincidentally we had a meeting with a client who’s main aim in redesigning her garden was to encourage her tween

From Beginning to End

It all started on a cold, snowy, Grey February day. There we were fingers so numb we could barely operate the tape measure! Toes buried in freezing, slushy snow! Ah the glamourous life of a garden designer!! Even in these conditions we were excited, as we had been asked to design and develop a beautiful,

How Many Rooms?

So how many rooms/entertaining spaces does your house have? … 1, 2, 3, 4? Whatever your answer, you are not, quite right… Pause for thought… Yep you’ve probably guessed that I am alluding to… The Garden, The Outdoor Space. ‘The Garden’ is often one of the least/last considered ‘rooms’ when designing the home and living