Our Bespoke Planting Plans

Get Garden Ready for Less than you think!

Ok so here we are January… Christmas is rapidly becoming a fond held memory – the planning, the time spent with family and friends, the presents, the food, the drink and so on…

It is about this time that we start to plan – holidays, DIY and interior decorations projects, and certainly by far the most exciting (well for us here at Home of Gardens) – planning how to make your garden that relaxing/entertaining/party space that you keep meaning to get around to. Because, as our blog ‘How Many Rooms?’ highlighted your garden is most definitely a ‘room’ to spend time in, to make memories, to relax, to play and to have fun. But to do that it needs to be an inviting space, a space that you want to spend time in, to share with your family and friends.

Creating beautiful spaces in your garden takes time, and can be a daunting task. Many of our clients say they just don’t have that time or don’t know where to start , from choosing the right plants to understanding what will thrive in their garden environment. Many of our clients don’t want a whole garden make over but are keen to have a beautiful border to enhance their outside space, and this can be no less daunting than an entire garden!

Of course, we do offer a full Garden Design Service, which includes; visits to your home and garden, site surveys, concept diagrams, meetings with yourselves, full design (including hard and soft landscaping) and planting plans, construction and planting of the garden and information regarding aftercare. As you can appreciate the list above is pretty large and is really for people wanting a brand-new garden from scratch or a large area of garden redeveloping. But what if you already have your patio in place your borders already dug, but just don’t have the time or knowledge to choose plants best suited to that site?

Here at Home of Gardens we have the answer and it could cost a lot less than you think!

              Border Size                     

Design Cost

Upto 5 sqm

Upto 10 sqm

Upto 20 sqm

Upto 30 sqm

Upto 40 sqm






Send a brief email to hello@homeofgardens.co.uk and we will send you out the simple questionnaire to get your Bespoke Planting Plan underway. We will advise on  soil type, direction your garden faces and amount of sun your border is likely to get, and not forgetting; understand what style of border appeals to you.

If you prefer give us a call on 07540096234 and we can discuss our Bespoke Planting Plans, and whether this is right for you and your garden.

If you are struggling for time, lack plant knowledge then this is the package for you. If you would like your garden to be ‘Summer Ready’, then now really is the right time to start thinking about it, because as I am sure you can appreciate gardens do need a bit of time to grow!